Student Services Manager job at KHALIFA UNIVERSITY

The description

Lead and oversee the development, implementation, evaluation of policies and regulations relating to student life as well as liaison between the university, students and their parents to facilitate communications in discussions of related matters to student affairs.

  • Lead and represent the Student Services Department in the day-to-day operations of the department, ensuring student safety, consistency of practices, and maintaining optimal service levels.
  • Develop, implement, monitor and review tactical and operational plans, procedures, systems and support in accordance with University strategic objectives, policies, procedures and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide leadership by directing the work of departments with faculty and staff, colleagues, students and community partners to support, provide and/or facilitate activities that ensure the University achieves its development goals student leadership and engagement.
  • Coordinate with student groups, faculty, and university leaders to develop extracurricular programs that ensure integration into university life and encourage students’ personal growth and development.
  • Educate students on University policies and procedures relating to the student code of conduct and review reports of student misconduct to take appropriate corrective action, address complaints, and conduct investigations as needed.
  • Facilitate the resolution of all cases of student conduct, promote University policies, provide training, and facilitate the personal and ethical development of students implicated in alleged violations of University policy
  • Ensure that support services related to student life are provided in a timely manner, which involves a campus nurse, events and activities, housing and transportation as well as the safety and security of students on campus and in the housing provided by the university.
  • Provide institutional research and planning assistance in the design, distribution, and analysis of surveys and survey protocols for student surveys in academic and non-academic areas.
  • Ensure the development and communication of institutional performance indicators in the area of ​​student services in order to contribute to the university’s information book and to provide information for the use of the university management, including working with various administrative offices to develop institutional data definitions and data collection mechanisms for standardized reporting of student data.
  • Establish credibility throughout the organization with students, faculty, and staff to be an effective listener and problem solver, as well as to develop regional, national, and international relationships with individuals and entities that can serve resources for student services as needed.
  • Represent the University and the interests of the University to government agencies, other institutions, various organizations and groups.
  • Ensure compliance with University information security policies and procedures and report breaches or other security risks accordingly.
  • Coordinate with other departments to facilitate the accomplishment of duties and responsibilities as required.
  • Perform any other task assigned by the supervisor.
  • Provide coaching, guidance and mentoring as needed to enhance internal team capabilities and ensure achievement of established goals and plans.
  • Recommend appropriate training courses according to predetermined training needs, evaluate their effectiveness and monitor their results.
  • Perform performance reviews for subordinates according to planned schedules and recommend necessary actions according to applied practices.
  • Hold periodic meetings with subordinates to ensure priorities are clear and workflow is running smoothly.
  • Track employee administrative matters such as vacations, leaves and other administrative and related matters.


Qualifications required:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Experience required:

  • A minimum of 14 years of experience directly related to the tasks and responsibilities specified, including 5 years in a management position, preferably in higher education.

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Main location: KUK – Khalifa University

Use: Director

Program: Usual

Gap: Standard

Type of employment: Full time