Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF)

The fee was introduced by the Australian government to help universities fund student support services such as sports and recreation, child care, accommodation and legal services. You can find out the details of SSAF allocation.

Most current and research students at the University are subject to SSAF (including University of Sydney students participating in outgoing exchange programs), but there are some exceptions.

You will not be charged any fees if you are:

  • enrolled at the University in an interinstitutional program
  • enrolled in a course billed at an offshore fee rate
  • an entry-level or continuing student enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing program or the Bachelor of Nursing (Honors) program issued in accordance with the Singapore Institute of Management
  • a continuing offshore international student enrolled in the Graduate / Masters Degree in Museum Studies undertaking the course in Hong Kong through the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
  • attend university as part of a formal exchange or study abroad program at a foreign institution
  • a student from the University of Western Australia participating in the Washington DC or Los Angeles placement program of the United States Studies Center
  • attend the University from a foreign university within the framework of a cotutelle doctoral agreement.

If you meet the above criteria and enroll in other programs billed to SSAF, you will be liable to SSAF for those units / programs.

How much does the tax cost?

SSAF rates are determined by the government and are set on an annual basis.

Tariffs 2022

  • Full-time: $ 157.50
    (Semester study load of 0.375 full-time student load equivalent or more)
  • Part-time: $ 118.12
    (Semester study load of 0.374 full-time student load equivalent or less)

Tariffs 2021

  • Full-time: $ 156.50
    (Semester study load of 0.375 full-time student load equivalent or more)
  • Part-time: $ 117.35
    (Semester study load of 0.374 full-time student load equivalent or less)

When is it due?

SSAF is billed upon registration. You will be able to see the amount of your SSAF on your student financial statement at Sydney Student (go to “My finances”, “Your finances”, then “View financial statements”).

Eligible students may be able to defer all or part of their SSAF through SA-HELP.

You will have to pay the SSAF every semester before the due date.



Payment deadline

Semester 1

Thursday, June 2

Semester 2

wednesday 2 november



Payment deadline

Semester 1

wednesday 2 june

Semester 2

Tuesday, November 2

Interrupt your lesson

If you interrupt your course before the date of the relevant census, you will not be liable for the fees. If you have chosen to defer charges using SA-HELP, you will not have SA-HELP debt.

Under the Support for Higher Education Act (2003), if you discontinue your enrollment after the relevant census date, you will still be liable for the fees and you will not be able to receive a refund in special circumstances or a discount. of an SA-HELP. debt.