Student injured in firearms training class in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One person was injured after a firearm was accidentally discharged during a firearms training course, according to the Metropolitan Police.

It happened Sunday night at Vegas CCW on Highland Drive near Sahara Avenue less than a mile from the Las Vegas Strip.

A student accidentally discharged the firearm inside a classroom, causing shrapnel to hit the ground and then injure another student, a Metro spokesperson confirmed. to the 8 News Now I-Team.

No criminal charges were pending due to the accidental nature, the spokesperson added.

On Monday afternoon, the LVMPD’s special investigation unit was looking into the case.

Nephi Khaliki, also known as Nephi Oliva, has a business license with the City of Las Vegas at. He told the I-Team that he was not teaching the class and had provided space for another instructor.

The I-Team learned that the instructor giving the course is Ronald West. He said after the students returned from the range, a student had a bullet in a room despite a rule against having live ammunition in the classroom.

As the student disassembled his Glock with the gun pointed at the ground, the gun exploded, West added.

He also said that although it was a student error, two safety meetings have taken place at the institution and procedural changes have already been made.

Khaliki provided the following statement to the I-Team:

“We have repeatedly asked the LVMPD to approve CCW courses in languages ​​that are more inclusive of our city’s diversity. The student who had the accidental discharge had difficulty understanding the material because there are no approved courses in Spanish. We also repeatedly requested the approved use of non-lethal training ammunition that would ensure a completely safe learning environment. LVMPD requires all instructors to use live ammunition, even experiencing the high volume of first-time shooters in CCW courses. If these two requests had been granted, this would never have happened to these students or the guest instructor.

Nephi Khaliki

Khaliki came under fire in April after making racist comments at a conservative political event.