SGA will host a town hall with student services, health services

Seton Hall University’s Student Government Association (SGA) will host a virtual municipal event on Wednesday March 10 where university administrators will provide live answers to questions and concerns posed by students.

The approximately one-hour event will take place at 5:00 p.m. during a Microsoft Teams video conference. The event link will be available on the SGA’s Instagram page and the University’s online calendar. SGA encourages wide attendance and participation of students.

“This town hall will look at specific issues that we believe students are concerned about and which are focused on, rather than a more general town hall that was traditional in the past,” said SGA President Julia Nicolls. “Student concerns are very different now than they were in August and September. “

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The time of the town hall meeting is supposed to coincide with a board meeting to be held the following week and attended by members of the SGA.

“The reason this town hall is so important and why student feedback is so important here is that the majority of the actions the university will take over the next academic year will be decided the week after.” , Nicolls mentioned. “Our goal is for student feedback to help inform administrative decisions for the following year. “

Topics for town hall discussion will include upcoming renovations to the University Center and Boland Hall, financial aid and the possibility of a tuition hike for the 2021-2022 school year, Nicolls said. In addition, the town hall will cover student concerns related to student services and health services.

“We are looking at having members of the health response and communication team as well as the health services look at the increased surveillance testing as this has been a huge topic, and also what the deployment of the vaccine for students, ”Nicolls mentioned.

Nicolls confirmed that the Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, will attend the meeting.

“[Dr. Cooper-Gibson] was the main fulcrum to help the student government realize this town hall since she is a member of the executive cabinet, ”said Nicolls. “We’re likely to see members of his student services team there as well. “

According to Cooper-Gibson, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Karen Van Norman, Director of Health Services Diane Lynch and Associate Dean of Student Engagement Colleen Dallavalle are also expected to attend town hall.

Nicolls said questions students can ask regarding student services could relate to the class of 2021 graduation ceremony and the university’s rules regarding organizing events on campus.

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Students who cannot attend Town Hall can ask questions on the SGA Instagram account throughout Town Hall Day. Specific questions can be forwarded to the deans and administrators to whom they relate.

“We have received feedback from students over the past year that students want to see more tangible results,” Nicolls said. “By shifting this town hall just before the board meeting, we are more likely to see a faster schedule of action than in the past.”

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