Phishing scam reminder – Student services

August 27, 2021

Email phishing scams targeting students with off-campus job offers and financial aid.

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Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen an increase in the number of email phishing scams targeting students with off-campus jobs, financial aid, and more. These emails often masquerade as legitimate Montclair State communications by forging a faculty member’s email address or referencing the University in some way. in the reply address. The start of a new semester is generally seen by scammers as a great opportunity to catch students off guard, as there are many official University email communications being sent to you at this time.

We ask that you be attentive to any email you may receive that claims to be affiliated with Montclair State University and asks for your personal information, contact details, credit card number, etc. These messages are almost always fraudulent and designed to collect data. that can be used for identity theft or financial abuse.

As a general reminder:

Don’t trust emails or texts from sources you don’t know. Look at both the display name and the sender’s email address and see if you recognize them. Also beware of common spelling and grammar errors, false information such as incorrect department names, and requests for personal or identifying information.

PLEASE NOTE: Montclair State Information Technology Division and
other administrative and academic units NEVER under any
circumstances require you to provide your password, social security number,
protected health information or other personal information in an email.
ANY e-mail you receive asking for such information, regardless of the
suspected source, should be considered fraudulent and removed immediately.

Thank you for your continued diligence in recognizing and avoiding
phishing scams. For more information on identification and
To protect yourself from phishing scams, please visit the computer website.