New student housing building proposed for Okanagan College

A development permit for the form and character of student housing at Okanagan College has been accepted at Kelowna City Hall.

The proposed 182-unit building would be located next to the existing student residence and introduce 67 new parking spaces.

According to the design plans, the six-story building would consist of 162 micro units, six accessible micro units, four double units and 10 quadruple units.

The app has a strong focus on creating a number of different gathering spaces for students, including a celebration space, an area dedicated to a talking circle, a garden with plants native to the Okanagan and a place where students can barbecue.

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<p>New sidewalks, amenities and rest areas would also be constructed between the proposed building and the existing Skaha Residence.</p>
<p>The applicant’s proposal also includes design plans for a club room that would allow students to mingle, study, and relax while providing space for events and other activities.</p>
<p>The circular club room would be located on the ground floor, separated from the main structure to ensure that students are not disturbed if events occur. </p>
<p>“The club room and game room were designed to mimic the shape of a leaf with a radial structural grid of glulam beams that speaks to the importance of the circle to indigenous culture,” the application reads.</p>
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Each flood would have a multipurpose space to allow for gatherings or study.

The Applicant’s design team also met with Westbank First Nation (WFN) to discuss how the building can incorporate Indigenous designs. The team plans to collaborate with WFN artists throughout the process.

One of the initial design concepts would include artwork designed by Syilx on the exterior sun visors.

This request has not yet been sent to the town hall. Once this is complete, city staff may require additional information before this application is forwarded to council for consideration.

<qui> Photo credit: GEC Architecture” src=”” style=”margin: 5px;”/></p>
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