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September 5, 2022

University Police Department tips for a smooth (and safe!) ride

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The University Police Department is excited to begin a new academic year at Montclair State University. As many of you know, parking and traffic can be a real challenge here, as it is at many colleges and universities.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone here has a safe transportation experience, so keep a few things in mind:


  • Traffic is a real problem when there are so many motorists looking for spaces and trying to get in or out of campus at the same time. The University has worked to improve the frequency of class meetings to help us better coordinate traffic.
  • Peak times occur regularly when classes end and start and during free time as many leave campus. Our police and school crossing guards are working during these times to keep traffic flowing as much as possible.
  • Sometimes having an agent around tends to create more traffic when people slow down, stop or ask questions – please follow their instructions and know that we always do our best.

Do the speed limit or get a ticket!

  • The speed limit on all University and adjacent roads is 25 miles per hour (mph) except for College Avenue which is 15 mph
  • The speed limit in car parks and parking lots is 5 mph Speed ​​is strictly enforced by radar and you may receive traffic warnings for speeding, unregistered vehicles, uninsured vehicles and equipment violations as well as any another violation of NJ State Title 39. These are uniform traffic summons separate from parking services and will be determined by a municipal court as to fines or suspensions.

Slow down and watch out for other Red Hawks!

  • Slow down, turn off your phone and keep your eyes on the road.
  • Pedestrians should be just as aware of conditions as motorists – crossing at crosswalks, not using cell phones while crossing, and knowing that crossing in other areas increases risk.
  • Drivers must stop for pedestrians at marked crosswalks until the person has fully crossed. Awareness will prevent you from having an accident or hitting a pedestrian.

Campus drop zones

  • We recognize that many have to drop off students or staff – to keep traffic flowing, make sure the person being dropped off is in the passenger seat and you have the items you need with you rather than in the trunk if possible.
  • When you stop on an active road to drop off a passenger, you create traffic, you endanger your safety in the vehicle and that of the dropped passenger. Park in an adjacent parking lot or designated drop-off areas along College Avenue that have curbs designed to exit the roadway.
  • If you block a traffic lane to pick up or drop off a passenger, expect to be moved by the police as you can create a serious traffic hazard in areas such as Cole Hall, Panzer Gymnasium, Red Hawk Deck, the Student Center and the Bohn/Blanton quadrangle. (See campus map.)

“Authorized Vehicles Only”

  • Only authorized vehicles are permitted in certain areas, including most areas with college and residential buildings. Please be aware of the signs in the area and under no circumstances are students, staff or faculty permitted to “permit” driving in these areas.
  • Persons wishing to drive in the “Authorized Vehicles” areas must apply for a permit from Transportation and Parking Services located in the lower level office of the Red Hawk parking deck.
  • Jeopardizing the safety of our community in these areas may result in towing, a motor vehicle summons from the police, a referral to student conduct or employee relations, and any fines associated with damages resulting from driving in these areas.

Safe Passage Act

  • In March 2022, the NJ Legislature passed a new law called the Safe Passing Law that applies both on and off our campus when traveling within the state. It’s one of the most comprehensive in the country and is aimed at preventing near-misses, injuries and deaths all too common in New Jersey.
  • In addition to other areas of the state and in accordance with all other speeding and overtaking laws, Montclair State University police officers will enforce the law that states drivers must travel on a lane to pass if available, drivers must allow a 4-foot distance when passing and if four (4) feet is not available, driver must slow to 25 miles per hour (on campus, fastest should roll) to overtake. Penalties range from $100 to $500 and two (2) points on a driving record.

Safety is the #1 goal!

Our goal is for every person to feel and stay safe here at Montclair State University and for every person to be treated with the dignity and respect they so deserve from all facets of the University, including the police – it starts with acknowledging that we all have a role in keeping ourselves safe.

Questions? Concerns?

If you have any concerns about traffic, traffic violations, or the actions of officers, please do not hesitate to contact us at msupolice@montclair.edu or contact Chief (Acting) Kieran Barrett at barrettk@montclair .edu.

For on-campus emergencies, contact us at 973-655-5222 and if you need to dial 911, it will also be routed to us.

Chef Kieran Barrett
University Police Service