Cuyamaca College Inaugurates Student Services Building – La Mesa Courier

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Feb. 5 for a new three-story Student Services Building at Cuyamaca College that promises to be a welcoming gateway to campus and a central place where students can get help in many ways.

A small group of college and district administrators and building officials gathered for the dirt-throwing ceremony on the Rancho San Diego campus broadcast live for the public.

College President Julianna Barnes described the 36,000 square foot center as a long-awaited hub for students to engage and receive support services, such as counseling, financial aid, admissions, disability support, expanded opportunity programs and services, and CalWORKS.

“It will be a place to call home,” she said, adding that the estimated $34.2 million construction project includes new sustainable landscaping and reconstruction of pathways to meet ADA accessibility standards.

Chancellor Lynn Neault, who spent many years as a student services administrator prior to her current position at the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, recognized the center’s importance to the campus.

“What an exciting day to celebrate Cuyamaca College’s 40+ year history and, thanks to taxpayers, to be able to continue building its future,” she said. “I have dedicated my entire career to student service and I know how important this state-of-the-art building will be for our students.”

Funding for Proposal V

Construction, which is expected to continue through the summer of 2022, will be funded by Proposition V, a $398 million bond approved by East County voters in 2012. The bond funds enabled the district to continue work on college campuses that began after the 2002 passage of Prop. R, which resulted in the construction or renovation of 13 major facilities.

Prop projects. V recently completed include a $44 million Performing and Visual Arts Center and $13.2 million Phase 1 of the Science Math and Career Technology Complex at Grossmont College and Cuyamaca College, a 4, $2 million from the Student Center and Veterans Services, and $17 million from the ongoing renovations of the Ornamental Horticulture Complex and the M.

In a statement read by the Chancellor, Board Chairman Brad Monroe thanked ratepayers for their continued support and noted that a recent Economic Impact Study reflects the mutual benefit to the public and the District. university. The report found that the district added more than $1.1 billion annually to the regional economy.

“This student services building will demonstrate to the community that their investment in us has been well spent,” said Monroe, a retired founding member of the college’s faculty. “This building will serve tens of thousands of students for years to come.”

Vice President of Student Services Jessica Robinson said the university community had dreamed of the facility for years as a way to further centralize student services.

“Our new building will now be connected by bridge to our student center and the main campus area,” she said. “At this time, our Student Services offices are unobstructed across campus and isolated from the center and campus activities.

“Student Services plays a huge role in the academic progress and success of our students. As an alumnus of Cuyamaca, I can attest to the quality of support students receive at Cuyamaca. Our team works hard to provide support to students inside and outside the classroom and this building will ensure we have a one-stop support facility for all our student needs for decades to come.

Cuyamaca College has served the community since 1978 and currently has approximately 9,000 students per year.

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