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March 26, 2021

Congratulations to our winners, learn more about the money!

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Students Riean Abugana and Brianna Balkissoon

The Center for Leadership and Engagement and the Office of Financial Aid teamed up this spring to offer students the chance to win a $ 500.00 CashCourse scholarship. The scholarship was open to all students and to apply they simply had to complete a series of financial literacy modules on CashCourse. Riean Abugana, Brianna Balkissoon and Dylan Ferreira (not pictured) came out on top! They were randomly chosen from among all the students registered for the New Student Seminar in Fall 2020 and have now received the scholarship money, added to their tuition fees!

First-year accounting student Brianna Balkissoon of Bloomfield NJ said financial education is important to her because she “will need it in the future” and “we have to learn to understand our money for the future. and learn to save. “

Riean Abugana, a pre-major freshman, West Orange, NJ, added that “Financial education is essential for everyone to understand and know. This education helps us achieve our financial goals and aspirations that we want to achieve, and may allow us financial freedom in the future.

Freshman, Dylan Ferreira, also from West Orange, NJ, summed up his point by saying: “I think financial education is important because at some point everyone will have to handle money and how to handle it properly. . Everyone will need to learn how to pay taxes, how to save money, how to build credit scores, and more.

Want to know more about money?

The Center for Leadership and Development will launch a new program called Financial Cents in fall 2021! Financial Cents will provide you with tools and resources to help you manage your money as a student and beyond graduation. Our mission is to foster an engaging and educational environment where all students can develop skills and build their confidence, which will increase their financial well-being.

The program will consist of three parts:

  • Individual financial coaching
  • Awareness and engagement on campus
  • The basics of money

Stay tuned!