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May 14, 2021

Summer is the perfect time to gain experience through seasonal jobs, internships and volunteering.

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Gain work experience this summer

Summer is the perfect time to gain experience through seasonal jobs, internships and volunteering. Career Services will continue to post opportunities in Rent a Red Hawk all summer. Check out some new opportunities that have just been released:

Campus Recreation, Lifeguards

  • Campus Loisirs is looking for lifeguards for this summer! We offer flexible hours, a variety of special events, and a fun work environment. Not yet certified? No problem! Simply take the American Red Cross lifeguard test, take our lifeguard course for free, then get paid to babysit.

New Jobs and Summer Internships Posted on Rent a Red Hawk

  • The Borgen project: Political Affairs Intern (11374)
  • Hiltzik Strategies: PR Intern (13467)
  • Kandle catering services: Dietetic intern (12647)
  • Greener JC (Jersey City): Grants and Marketing Intern (13461)
  • Information Technology Division: Wireless Tech Student/Survey Assistant (13858)
  • Montclair Movie: Part-time teaching assistant (13564)
  • Children in the game: Camp counselor (13691)

Continue to check Rent a Red Hawk throughout the break to search and apply for jobs and internships.

Reflect on the past year

This year, you have gone through uncertain and difficult times. Think about the persistence, agility, and resilience needed to overcome these challenges. These are qualities that not only shape who you will become in the future, but they are also qualities that employers look for in new hires.

With this past year in mind, take the time to discover your strengths, explore your interests, and decide what is important to you. Career Services Offerings self-assessment tools to help you define your long and short term career goals. Summer vacation is a good time to take stock. Be sure to configure a meet with your career advisor to review your results.

Improve and improve

Acquire a new skill or refine a current skill set

  • LinkedIn Learning: Sign up for online courses that expand your skills, add badges to your profile, and set yourself apart from other applicants. Online courses are a great way to keep your knowledge up to date and expand your understanding in your field.
  • Summer sessions: If you’re still unsure of your career path, experiment with a class in another field to better pinpoint your direction. Montclair State offers a variety of skill-building summer courses.

Update your resume

  • Upload your CV for comments: You have worked hard this past year; make sure this is reflected on your CV and public professional profiles! Add any new activities and experiences as well as skills and competencies you acquired or strengthened. Include relevant courses and update your GPA! Then upload your resume to Rent a Red Hawk for Career Services feedback.
  • Are you ready for a career? The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has identified foundational skills as a career readiness measure. Evaluate if you have these skills and where you can improve. When writing your resume and/or cover letter, be sure to highlight experiences that demonstrate these skills.

Prepare for upcoming or upcoming interviews

  • Phone and video interviews are more common than ever, so make sure you’re comfortable with both mediums. Outline answers to common interview questions and practice a calm, concise delivery with a friend over video chat. Learn the tips for successful virtual interviews.
  • Mock interviews: Use the Rent a Red Hawk Mock interview module to hone your video interview skills and send to career services, a favorite teacher or anyone else for feedback on your performance.


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