Canceling student loan debt would be undeserved handouts


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Education Data Initiative says average student loan debt hit an all-time high of $40,904 in 2021. A Federal Reserve report showed nearly a third of all U.S. students must take on debt to complete their education. academics.

The Bellingham Herald

loan forgiveness

Regarding “Congress Must Ease the Pain of Student Loans” (April 19 Notice):

The fantasy that our federal government should simply write off or write off student loan debt condones undeserved handouts of the worst kind. It corrodes the sense of personal responsibility in our country and our society.

Worse still, how fair would it be to forgive billions or trillions of dollars in student loan debt to the millions of honest, hard-working Americans who helped their families pay for college and who faithfully repaid every penny of loan obligations to their lenders? It is an insult to these responsible and decent Americans.

Curtis ElliottCharlotte

Meredith College

There’s no denying that James Yadkin Joyner has had an accomplished career, but Meredith College’s decision to remove his name is more to atone for his missteps.

The April 12 op-ed, “By Removing Names, NC Colleges Like Meredith Are Making Hasty Judgment,” argues that judging people outside the context of their times distorts reality. However, society must use the knowledge gained over time to compensate for past mistakes.

As a student, I have seen how important it is to feel accepted at your university. Joyner’s outdated beliefs about women and African-American students don’t align with Meredith’s views, and by removing her name, the school isn’t just clarifying its position, it’s standing up for its students.

It’s not a hasty judgment, it’s a necessary judgment.

Emma Ralls climax

Charter schools

The writer is a former Charlotte mayor and co-founder of charter schools who has litigated cases on behalf of charter schools.

Regarding “proposed changes for charter schools will help North Carolina’s traditional public schools (April 14 notice):

Associate Opinion Editor Ned Barnett posits that it’s a good idea to require local public school systems to “consent” before new charter schools are allowed to operate in their districts. Of course, so do asking local newspapers if we should allow new TV stations to operate in their communities (or existing law firms if new lawyers can be allowed to compete with them). Even better, like asking the foxes to guard the chicken coops.

Richard A. Vinroot, Charlotte

Unifier or divider?

In a TV ad, Pat McCrory says there’s a lot of “bullshit” in politics. It’s true and most, not all, come from Republicans. I haven’t seen or heard Republican policies to address climate change, health issues like universal insurance and pharmaceutical prices, or increased gun violence.

I want to elect people who will work to solve problems, not just stand on a political issue that is divisive to the point of filibuster. We have serious problems as a nation that must be solved through cooperation, not grandstanding.

Will your vote support a unifier or a divider?

Kent Rhodes, Charlotte

Individual rights?

I find it incredibly hypocritical that conservatives view mask mandates as a violation of individual rights while passing laws in some states that require a 14-year-old girl who was raped to have the rapist’s child. What’s wrong with this company?

Jack HankinsCharlotte

Panthers HQ

Regarding “Panthers Ends Training Facility Deal With Rock Hill” (April 20):

The Rock Hill Panthers headquarters debacle should be an indictment of Tepper Sports & Entertainment and its business practices. We see the results of a local government that offered the best it could so that this organization was pressured into issuing bonds that it knew it could not afford. I commend Rock Hill leaders for being loyal to voters, rather than the whims of a billionaire whose appetite for largesse from the public coffers seems to know no end.

Tom PontecorvoCharlotte

Heed lessons

The City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and the State of North Carolina should learn from what is happening in Rock Hill with the headquarters of the Panthers. These groups need to learn from this so they can negotiate when Panthers owner David Tepper asks for a new stadium.

Bill Lane, Polkville


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