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DUBAI: Arab nations expressed their solidarity with Saudi Arabia on Saturday following the death of a suicide bomber in Jeddah.

Abdullah Al-Shehri detonated a suicide vest when authorities tried to arrest him in Jeddah, injuring a Pakistani resident and three security men.

In a statement, the United Arab Emirates condemned the explosion, reiterating its position against “all threats to the security and stability of the Kingdom”.

The country’s foreign ministry hailed the efficiency of the Saudi security forces during the operation and the measures taken to maintain public safety, wishing a speedy recovery to those injured in the blast.

Bahrain was another Gulf country that reaffirmed its “unwavering solidarity” with Saudi Arabia and hailed tireless efforts to safeguard national security. He also praised the vigilance of the security forces in the face of the wanted man.

Kuwait reiterated its support for the Kingdom’s efforts against security threats. “Kuwait stands with Saudi Arabia and supports all measures it may take to safeguard its security and that of its people,” the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry said in a statement released by the agency. state press (KUNA).

The ministry hailed the efficiency of the security operation and the authorities’ targeted efforts to block any offers that pose a threat to the stability of the Kingdom.

In a statement released by the state news agency (PETRA), Jordan expressed its support for the Kingdom “in every step taken to protect its security”.
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Haitham Abu Alfoul hailed the efforts of the Saudi security forces to deal with threats to the stability and security of the Kingdom.

Egypt also expressed support for Saudi Arabia’s fight against “all forms of terrorism” and any violations threatening national security.

In an official statement, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry hailed the Kingdom’s proactive measures and capabilities to track down terrorists and protect lives.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemned the bombing and hailed the Kingdom’s firm action against any threat that undermines its safety and security.

In addition, the President of the Arab Parliament, Adel Al-Asoumi, underlined his confidence in the vigilance of the Kingdom to protect its vital installations, fight against terrorism and ensure the safety of its citizens and expatriates.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia’s security state announced the operation to hunt down and arrest Al-Shehri, who was among nine wanted people involved in a 2015 terror operation that targeted a mosque in Saudi Arabia. He has been listed as a wanted person by Kingdom authorities for the past seven years, according to the statement.