ASUCI Vice President of Student Services Joshua Ma Resigns | new university

Editor’s Note: This is breaking news and will be updated as the new university receives additional information and quotes. An anonymous student within the ASUCI Student Services Office provided New University Ma’s full resignation letter, which is referenced throughout the article.

A fourth-year double major in political science and Chinese studies, Joshua Ma resigned as vice president of student services at ASUCI in a formal email letter on January 10.

Earlier, the new university reported on comments from three different commissioners under the Vice President of the Office of Student Services insinuating Ma’s embezzlement.

In a Reddit comment made by ASUCI President Yoseph Ghazal under the Reddit username Such-Stretch8777, Ghazal confirmed that Ma did not consult with board members before communicating with the ASUCI Senate. to reallocate $120,000 from a canceled House 949 concert to the $200,000 Anteater Safety Net grant. .

“In summary, the responsibility of the SSVP itself is to communicate budget reallocations to its office and it has failed to do so. When I found out, I spoke to the committee about where that budget came from and we have already discussed reallocations. The grant is launched this week! said Ghazal.

Ma officially resigned in a letter to Stephanie Van Ginkel, vice-dean of students and executive director of student media for the student government, the same day.

“Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am stepping down as Vice President of Student Services at UCI. My last day will be Monday, January 10, 2022. This was not an easy decision to make,” Ma said.

The former Vice President of Student Services highlighted several accomplishments during his tenure.

“The past 7 months have been very rewarding with ASUCI,” Ma said. to do long-term planning, 2) how to reach underserved student communities, 3) how to implement representative programming, and 4) how to utilize the wealth of resources UCI has to offer.

Ma has also been instrumental in the addition of two new management positions, Director of Commissioner Support and Director of Office Outreach, which are “designed to provide direct support to Commissioners and their interns” and “designed to ensure authentic student engagement from students. groups who expressed a greater need for inclusivity,” respectively.

These commissions were “encouraged” together to build a mission and vision statement that “aligns with Inclusion, Diversity, Empowerment and Synergy (IDEAS)”.

During his tenure, Ma also helped plan the “Zot Launch,” the “first-ever Peter Pop Up, which was a collaboration with UCI Athletics and celebrated the 50th anniversary of Title IX with female athletes from the 1970s. -present,” and “the first-ever Night Market, which was a collaboration of student clubs and organizations that were given the opportunity to be entrepreneurs and support their club initiatives.”

In the last paragraph of the letter, Ma thanked the Office of Student Services and ASUCI for the “many opportunities for growth that have been provided to me since [June 2021]and said he was looking forward to this year’s night market and Lunar New Year celebration.

The new university contacted Ma to comment on his resignation. Although he responded, he was unavailable for an interview due to scheduling conflicts.

The current Acting Vice President of Student Services is Alliana Alcid, a fourth-year business economics student, who “seeks to enhance the UCI student experience through our events and programming.” .

Due to the current vacancy for the position, Election Boards are now hosting the 2022 Vice President of Student Services Special Election.

Helena San Roque is a campus news intern for the Winter 2022 term. She can be reached at