Armijo Student newspaper gossip columns from the 1930s and 1940s

I went to the Vacaville Museum last week to do some research and the artifacts and exhibits manager, Caroline Whyler, hooked me up to their system. I searched for Armijo documents and came across old Armijo student newspapers from the 1930s and 1940s.

Tony Wade, Back in the Day

As I was going through and scanning them, every once in a while, Caroline would walk by and catch me laughing to herself. You see, while they contain a lot of interesting historical information, the main attraction for me are the gossip columns about who was dating who and how cheeky they were.

I have already presented several similar models from the 40s and the new ones did not disappoint me. An interesting note is that all of the Armijo student newspapers in the Vacaville museum appear to have belonged to Angelina Colla. She is the now 100-year-old sister of the late former mayor of Suisun City, Guido Colla, and the aunt of local notables Dino and Johnny Colla.

While I don’t have to recognize any names for them to be funny, I do know that Drusella Chadbourne later married Manuel Campos, longtime Fairfield merchant/mayor/namesake.

Obviously, back then, there were snoopers who were always meddling in everyone’s business and then writing about the various affairs of the heart in the school newspaper. I spoke to Lynne Herring, a current teacher at Armijo and an advisor for the school newspaper, The Armijo Signal, for 26 years and who certainly wouldn’t be flying these days.

But I’m glad that was the case at the time.

January 20, 1937 – Gossip of Armijo

Drusella Chadbourne – you know you shouldn’t date other girls’ boyfriends! And yet here we saw Drusella in Ray Newkirk’s car. We think our eyes didn’t deceive us when we saw her with Edwin Wood.

We no longer see Charlotte and Howard Bramo in front of their respective lockers. Why? Did the little love story disappear so soon? Don’t give up on Charlotte so easily.

September 30, 1937 – Gossip

Imagine my embarrassment! I thought I had found a budding romance between Bill Levy and Alta Wagner ever since I saw her biking after school with him, only to find out they were cousins!

February 9, 1939 — Armijo Tatler

Will Margret DeTar decide one day between Bob Thomas and Bob Gein? It was Bob Thomas at the Benicia game, but what a Bob will it be next time!

Virginia Lodge had Jimmy’s ring, but you probably won’t see her wearing it much because she has to put so much tape on it that you can’t see the ring and her hand goes limp from wearing it. Well, Virginia, maybe you could hire a ring bearer!

‘NO NECKING, NO KISSING IN THE SOLANO THEATER’ – It looks like Frank Munoz ignored that decision when he and a two-year old flame, namely Lorraine Sheldon, got together Saturday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday the whole daytime. It certainly received a demonstrative welcome! Back roads allow free parking, so why waste the price of tickets to a show and then distract everyone’s attention by putting on a better show than the one on screen?

Well Ada, we finally caught up with you. You seemed to be having a lot of fun the other night with Henry Theissen. And we see you quite often with him. Is it a budding romance?

Well, well, Barbara! Always double! Don’t you think it’s time your love affairs were settled between Perry and Bud? Saturday you were seen with Perry and Sunday night you were with Bud at the show! Honestly now, do you consider this fair play? But then we saw Bud immersed in a delicious one-on-one with Doris Headlee. It seems that Bud has a double problem too!

January 8, 1940 – By Scandal Light

Bill and Wanda seem to have come to a crossroads – we’ll have to give them credit for trying.

You should be old enough to know not to leave notes lying around, Anna Sheldon – and who is that boy you can’t wait to see very soon who, in your words, is “kinda ducky?”

February 22, 1940 – By Scandal Light by Dot McIntyre and Jean Davisson

Confucius says people who are too obvious shouldn’t complain about being in Gossip! So why not choose respectable places rather than back roads for your entertainment?

Oh dear! What is this young generation getting to? Betty Scarlett and Mike Gonzales were parked outside Green Valley School on Saturday and when we passed they tried to duck down so we couldn’t see them. The only excuse they could give for being there was, “They thought the scenery was so beautiful.”

Jack Mulanax brought Cathy Avila to the game, but I guess Cathy is afraid of the dark as we saw them parked in Suisun afterwards. That should be the least of your worries Cathy!

It looks like Fuzzy Gilbreath is now going after Tressie Jones’ younger sister, Valeta – stealing the crib, huh, Fuzzy?

We wondered what made Bev feel so good lately – could it be that she got a big picture from Ray Newkirk? Speaking of photos, we found the photo you “lost” Janie. We found it was in Franky Campos’ wallet. For a little silent money, we won’t tell anyone!

Logging off again, we remind you that the Gossip columnists are life’s spies – we’ll see you in the light of the scandal!

Freelance Fairfield humor columnist and local accidental historian Tony Wade writes two weekly columns – “The Last Laugh” on Mondays and “Back in the Day” on Fridays. Wade is also the author of The History Press books “Growing Up In Fairfield, California” and “Lost Restaurants of Fairfield, California”.